Common Cake Flavours:

+ Rich Dark Chocolate       + Classic Vanilla                        + Nutella          + Coconut                   + Earl Grey

+ Red Velvet                     + White Chocolate & Raspberry         + Caramel         + White Chocolate    + Lemon

+ Orange                          + Vanilla and Raspberry 


Don't see the flavour you want!? Let me know on the enquiry form and give me a challenge!


Icing Flavours:

+ Chocolate       + Classic Vanilla         + Nutella          + Coconut      + Caramel         + White Chocolate 


Note* If you want a coloured icing it must be white based to make the colours shine! ie. flavoured white choc or vanilla. 

Don't see the flavour you want!? Let me know on the enquiry form and give me a challenge!

Fill Layers:

+ white, dark or milk chocolate ganache       + raspberries            + toasted coconut 

+ berry coulis                                                   + pistachios              + crushed chocolates

+ lemon curd                                                   + hazelnuts                + earl grey buttercream 


The fill layer is what you can have between the layers of cake and buttercream icing. 


Types of Icing:

+ White/dark/milk Chocolate Ganache    + American Buttercream  


Do you do naked cakes/semi naked cakes?

Yes of course! Naked cakes are having the cake layers obviously visible and semi naked is almost completely covered in icing but with sneak peaks of the cake layers.


Do you offer cakes for dietary requirements?

Yes I do! I offer gluten free, dairy free and vegan options. Just select on cake type on enquiry form.


Do you offer other desserts which aren't cakes?

Other yummy treats like shortbread cookies, brownies, dessert cups etc are all available on specific requests. Let me know on the enquiry form or email if there are any goodies you would like and I will let you know if it is possible!


Where are you located?

Archi-cake-ture is located in Wooloowin, Brisbane.


Do you make fondant novelty cakes?

I currently do not make novelty cakes (golf balls, barbie dolls, makeup cakes etc) I can definitely create a cake inspirited by a certain activity for you. There are plenty of other talented bakers in Brisbane who would love to create your vision if I can't.


Do you offer delivery?

I currently only offer delivery for Wedding cakes for a $20 flat fee for 15km from Brisbane cbd. I am located in Wooloowin for pickup. Delivery must be discussed and organised on initial cake enquiry. 


What is the best way to transport the cake in the car?

The best spot in the car is to place it on the floor of the front passenger seat as it is the flattest part in the car. If you are traveling with someone then its fine on their lap of course! ( just no rally race driving around those corners!) I wouldn't place it on a seat due to the slant and it could cause the cake to move in the box. 


Can I have a cake topper with my cake?

Sure, I currently work with other local creatives who produce stunning toppers. The topper is an additional cost and must be added to original enquiry as they have to be ordered separately. 


Cutting and serving

Cakes leaves the Archi-cake-ture kitchen from the fridge. It is advised to keep the cake in the fridge until the time of your event. Take the cake out of the fridge 1-2 hours before serving.

All inedible decorations: ie. Acrylic cake topper, flowers and foliage must be removed before cutting the cake. 

2 tiered and 3 tiered cakes will have dowels for support in the cake to be removed before cutting.

Cutting suggestion: Cut the cake in half through the middle separating the top half and bottom. Then cut the two halves into pieces. This is a whole lot easier than cutting huge slices out of the cake which will fall when you try and place them on a plate!


Terms and conditions

All cakes leave for pick up or delivery in a secure cake box. Once it leaves the Archi-cake-ture kitchen it is your sole responsibility to handle and store cake in correct manor.